The Careers Team, made up of a Careers Coordinator and two Careers Counsellors, provides guidance and support for students from years 9 - 13. The Careers Counsellors provide general and personalised support in subject choices and decisions regarding tertiary education. The Careers Team provides guidance for the school community - students, parents, and teachers. They do this through workshops, assemblies, personal meetings, mentor lessons, regular career orientation sessions, and information sharing on the website. 

In addition, the Careers Counsellors assist students with application procedures, decision-making, and information gathering. The Careers Coordinator also coordinates the careers assessments in years 9 and 11.

The Careers Team

Ms Pooja Bhatia

Ms Pooja Bhatia

Job Title: Exam Support Officer, Career Counsellor
Ms Kati Wolfänger

Ms Kati Wolfänger

Job Title: Careers Counsellor, German Teacher, SC German (DP), Year 13E Mentor

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